Full Name: Matt Harper

Role: Scout Leader (SL) or ‘Skip’ to the Scouts

Age: 26

Years In Scouting: 20

Years Leader Service: 8 (plus 3 as a young leader)

Hometown: Lowestoft

Previous Groups: None

Current Occupation: Program Manager for BT

Hobbies: I’m a massive Norwich football fan and have had a season ticket since I was 7 years old. I love my car (a VW Scirocco!). I enjoy reading and I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones books. I also love; spending time with my girlfriend, eating out, going on holiday (San Francisco, Rome & Las Vegas are my favourite places), live music, playing my Playstation, keeping fish, walking, James Bond films, and TV wise I like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘The Apprentice’. I also have a dog (a Pug) who does make the odd appearance at camps and hikes. I created and run this website, and the Lowestoft Scout district website too.

Motto: Never settle for second best

Bio: Born and bred in Lowestoft, I started 1st Carlton as a Beaver when I was 5, and then went through Cubs, joined Scouts and became an APL then a PL. After Scouts, Steve (The Scout Leader at the time) asked me to stay on as a Young Leader. When I turned 18 I took out my warrant and became a full ASL (Assistant Scout Leader), and in early 2012 I became the first ever 1st Carlton Young Leader to become a fully qualified ASL, completing my official training. In August 2014 I took on the role of Scout Leader from Jess who swapped with me to become an assistant- and I’m now in charge of running the troop (which I’m really enjoying- it keeps me busy!!).

I was always the youngest leader at 1st Carlton- working alongside the Beaver, Cub and Scout leaders that were in charge when I was in the sections myself! However Tom Steele has now taken that accolade, which is great to see. I really enjoy my Scouting and I’m 1st Carlton through and through- and I honestly believe I would not be in the life & career position I am in today without it- in particular knowing how to get along and work in a team with people of all ages and backgrounds has been invaluable.

I work as a Program manager for BT Group based at Adastral Park in Ipswich.

Full Name: Stephen Peter Bell

Role: Assistant Group Scout Leader (AGSL)

Years In Scouting: 51

Years Leader Service: 41

Hometown: Beccles

Previous Groups: 1st Worstead and Sloley, 2nd Coltishall

Current Occupation: Retired

Hobbies: Aviation Photography, Hillwalking, Private Pilot

Motto: Omni Facto Sum

Bio: I was born in Burgh Castle in 1955, but moved to Tunstead in 1959 where I lived for the next 23 years before spending a spell in Frettenham and moving to Beccles in 1990.

I attended Tunstead school, thence The Paston School in North Walsham and the University of Manchester where I graduated in the Mechanics of Fluids (otherwise known as Aeronautical Engineering). As the Aviation Industry had helpfully been nationalised a year before I graduated plans to work in it were dashed, so I began training as a teacher, after three months I realised that I wasn’t much good at it so I left the course and joined Norwich Union as a Computer Programmer to earn some money whilst I looked for a proper job. 32 years later I took early retirement and with the exception of a year spent working in the US as a consultant have been retired since. I work, voluntarily, at the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum at Flixton part time.

I joined what was then Wolf Cubs in 1963 with 1st Worstead and Sloley pack, moving on to 2nd Coltishall (RAF) Air Scouts where I stayed as Scout, then Assistant Scout Leader and Scout Leader for 26 years. I have held roles as Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts & GD), Assistant County Commissioner, Assistant Leader Trainer and Leader Trainer in Norfolk. In 1997 I decided to get back to my roots and joined 1st Carlton Colville where I have been ever since (as Assistant Scout Leader, Scout Leader and Assistant Group Scout Leader). I am interested in anything to do with aviation, hill walking and photography.

Full Name: Jess Hasketh-Boston

Role: Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)

Age: Thirty Seven

Years In Scouting: 24 years

Years Leader Service: 12 (Plus 5 years as a venture leader)

Hometown: Horsford near Norwich

Previous Groups: None

Current Occupation: IT & Office Manager- Norse

Hobbies: Music, football, cricket, walking and camping

Motto: Life has a funny way of pointing you in the right direction. (It’s true!)

Bio: Being a girl of Thirty Something years old, my ‘Scouting’ started as a Brownie in Oulton Broad. I progressed and joined the 2nd Oulton Broad Girl guides, where I became a Patrol Leader. Unfortunately during my early teens Girl Guides did not hold my interest. My brother was already a Venture Scout at 1st Carlton Colville (where he had been a cub & a Scout), and he suggested that I should come along & try some REAL Scouting. So I left Guides and joined 1st Carlton Colville, where I enjoyed a full programme. At 18 years old the Venture Unit struggled for leaders & so I took on an instructor role, & ran the Unit. I was studying at University at the time. When I got a real job after I graduated, I had to leave 1st Carlton, as commuting from Cambridge to Ventures was not practical. Sadly the Venture unit closed down soon after. In 2002 I moved from Cambridge to Norwich when my Dad, Paul Mills (SL at the time), asked if I was interested in giving him a hand with the Scout Troop…The rest, as they say is History! I gained my Warrant as ASL in 2005, and was Scout Leader between 2005-2014 (With a short interlude).

Full Name: Paul Mills

Role: Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)

Age: 66

Years In Scouting: 30+

Years Leader Service: 25

Hometown: Lowestoft

Previous Groups: None

Current Occupation: Retired

Hobbies: I am a keen hill walker. Enjoy steam trains, motorcycles, photography, travel, history & genealogy (when I get time!)

Motto: You are like a cork on the high seas, the waves in front look huge, but when you look behind you realise that you have passed over worse.

Bio: I joined 1st Carlton Colville Air Scouts in 1959. Through my time in Scouting I gained many interests. When I left Scouts I joined Colville House Youth Club, and I became active in the Invaders Motorcycle club, I was also a co-founder of the Lowestoft Fell and rock-climbing club and was on the committee for some years. Most of my hobbies went on the back burners when my children came along. In 1985 my Son joined the 1st Carlton and I helped with the committee however, the SL at the time (whom I attended 1st Carlton with as a boy) talked me into becoming an instructor. By 1992 I was an ASL. In 2002 I became acting SL, which I did till Steve Bell took up the reins which allowed me to stand down to an ASL in 2004.


Full Name:Susan Feasey

Role: Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)

Home Town: Carlton Colville

Current Occupation: Senior Commercial Manager

Hobbies: Karate, walking the dog, going out with family & friends

Bio: Born in London, lived in South-West & East London until moving to Carlton Colville in 2000. I have worked for BT for many years in various roles; the most recent is in Openreach in the Super-fast Broadband project team leading in Logistics.  I am parent to one of our Scouts and have 2 other children who were Scouts previously.  I was the Group Treasurer from 2009-2013; I decided to volunteer for the role because I’ve seen the hard work and dedication the Leadership team gives and the enjoyment they bring to the children and I wanted to contribute. I decided to take a more active role as an Assistant Scout Leader in Sept 2013.

Full Name: Thomas Steele

Role: Assistant Scout Leader (ASL) [in progress!]

Tom has recently turned 18 and is in the process of becoming an ASL. His profile will be coming soon.

Full Name: John Clifford James Holt

Role: [Semi-retired] Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)

Age: 70

Years In Scouting: 50+

Years Leader Service: Around 30

Hometown: Lowestoft

Previous Groups: 1st Tring and 1st Langho

Current Occupation: Retired

Hobbies: Railways and photography

Motto: To serve others

Bio: I started Scouts as a cub in 1955 in a pack in Surrey. I moved to Lancashire and joined a scout troop in Blackburn and then a village troop near my home. I progressed through the troop finishing off as Senior Patrol Leader; I became an Assistant Scout Leader. I started my training at this point. In 1966 I moved down South to Aylesbury and eventually joined a troop in Tring and continued my training. When I got married in 1969 I left the movement until we moved back to Lowestoft. When James my son joined 1st Carlton back in 1989 I was persuaded to join the troop as assistant Scout Leader and stayed in the troop up to the present time.

Full Name: Zara Anderson

Role: Sectional Assistant (SA)

Age: 18

Years In Scouting: 8

Years Leader Service: 4

Hometown: Lowestoft

Previous Groups: 18th Lowestoft Brownies

Current Occupation: Completing school then moving up to 6th form

Hobbies: Rugby, going out with friends and family, camping,

Mottos: ‘Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened’- Dr Seuss ‘Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind’- Dr Seuss.

Bio: I try and volunteer my time when ever I can, I like to keep busy. If I’m not out doing something with scouts/the scouting movement then I’m either playing/training at rugby or out with my friends and/or family. Along with Maria I was one of the first girls to receive the Chief Scout Gold Award and my favourite colour is purple! In the scout group they call me Granny Zara as I like to care for all, or so I’m told.

Full Name: Alexander George Sexton

Role: Sectional Assistant (SA)

Age: 63

Years In Scouting: 53

Years Leader Service: 44

Hometown: Pulham Saint Mary / Norwich

Previous Groups: 1st Buxton Lammas, 1st Hainford & Frettenham

Current Occupation: Retired

Hobbies: Scouting. Cooking. Walking.

Motto: You have the one life- live it & enjoy it

Bio: Joined 1st Buxton Lammas Sea Scouts at age 10. One of the five original members of 1st Hainford & Frettenham Sea Scouts. Progressed through Scouts, Senior Scouts, ASL, and SL, becoming GSL in 1986 Time away from active Scouting for a few years (building career and living in Wales). Persuaded by Steve to visit Carlton Colville “to see what we do” became Scout Sectional Assistant in 2011. I enjoy all aspects of Scouting especially camping and encouraging scouts to cook.

Full Name: Tom Clements

Role: Sectional Assistant (SA)

Tom’s bio coming soon!

Full Name: Tom Waters

Role: Sectional Assistant (SA)

Toms bio coming soon!

Role: Young Leader

We currently have 6 Explorers attached to 1st Carlton as Young Leaders. Our YL’s rotate around the sections.

Name: Henry Dewell

Role: Young Leader

We currently have 6 Explorers attached to 1st Carlton as Young Leaders. Our YL’s rotate around the sections.