The 1st Carlton Air Scout uniform consists of- Black polished shoes, black socks, grey or navy blue smart trousers, Scout belt, blue Scout shirt, black and light blue neckerchief, woggle, and a grey beret.

Shoes, socks and trousers can be purchase from anywhere, there is no specific type needed (And the grey school trousers are usually better wearing and much smarter than the Scout trousers, not to mention a fraction of the price).

A necker and Air Scout woggle have to be bought through the 1st Carlton Leader team (see a leader for details).

All of the rest (shirt, belt, beret) can be purchased through the Scout Shop (we recommend the Glasgow Scout shop, the website is much better than the official Scout shop for Air Scout stuff as it puts it all on one page).


Badge Locator

Please see the below diagram to show where badges should be located on our uniform